Take us Home – Chords and Lyrics

This song was written on retreat in Canterbury with some folks who have a heart to see some sort of monastic community established in North London if not Camden. I was preparing to worship and out of nowhere this song turned up. I guess for us at the time it spoke of where we were at with God. I hope it speaks to you too.

Here is a video of how to play/what it sounds like

D           A7sus4  Em
Show us the ancient paths
D           A7sus4  Em
Show us the narrow way
D                A7sus4  Em
Speak our hearts into life again

D                 A7sus4  Em
Teach our hands to build and heal
D                    A7sus4  Em
Teach our hearts to breathe and live
D                A7sus4  Em
Lead us, to the place You'll be
Am      C
Take us on
G        D
Take us home
C          C
Build our hearts
G          D
To be Your own
 © 2012 Stephen Deeming