GU Vision points for 2012

Please see below our plans for 2012 in line with our overall vision of “All those in the church brought closer to God, all those we meet outside the church brought into relationship with God, GU bringing glory to God.”

The following are in no particular order and are what we have planned… :)

• Extended teaching series – carry on with these – quarterly. Longer times to get into bible and deeper topics
• Regular updating website/twitter – to keep connected and to promote GU to a wide audience
• Evangelism as church – one Sunday every two months – evangelistic service outside (prayer walk, worship by canal)… plus more regular extra stuff for those interested, plus summer events – BBQ, Destruction Fest, Friday nights…
• Read more bible as part of GU life – as part of small groups – discussion over passage and rest of it praying
• Testimony services – to carry on with these
• Monthly jam / worship sessions – with as many people as possible, Weds nights, worshipping, writing music, jamming and having fun. Safe place for people to develop and hone their talents!
• Release GU worship tracks – live worship to be released to bless and encourage other parts of the body (those who have left, can’t make it and to share with other churches)
• Leaders praying for an hour each week for GU
• Small groups continue –  fellowship and accountability during the week
• Offer of mentoring to all
• Girls’/Guys’ Conferences (June / July)
• Introduce an inner healing ministry later in the year if suitable – this is an offer made available to people in GU
• Retreat (November)
• Outward prayer / sharing your ministry – a short time of prayer each week where one person will share their ‘sphere/ ministry’ and the whole church can pray with them for these people / things. On a rolling basis with updates and answers to prayer!
• and anything else God asks us to do through the year… :)

… and! Ensure we keep up and are faithful in the small things – prayer, worship, bible reading and keep these going and don’t get distracted with big showy things.