Gloriously Undead Psalms

This week saw us doing something a little different with our service, which we always enjoy. Steve Deeming had us do an exercise in remembering what God is like by writing our own psalms* to God. Below is a recording of them being read out during service** as well as the written copies. Enjoy!

* Written by humans – not a makeshift chapter 151
**  Some people’s handwriting was a little difficult to read at times – please have grace. :)

We were asked to write one line each, fold over, then hand to the next person who would then write their line and do the same, so no one sees what has been written before, then they hand….well you get the idea. At the end we unfolded the whole paper and read it out. Six lines in total in this order:

  • Thanks
  • Praise (something amazing about God)
  • Some need or want which God then answered (an experience and answered prayer)
  • Reflection on the character of God (your love is like, your grace to me is like)
  • Another line of thanks
  • Another line of praise


LORD of all, we should stand in awe thankful of who You are.
Your Glory is unending.
I needed to be set free & clean from thick blackness; You came, released me and I was reborn.
Your patience is unending and is a lifejacket in this world’s storms.
Praise be to You when we are greeted with physical death; we shall receive the tree and fruit of life forevermore.
You are good, You are good and Your love endures.
You are my rock and refuge!
You know the numbers of hair on my head, You also made the stars, You made the stars and know them by name!
I was blind and had nothing and You showed me – in You I have everything.
You are an intimate God who knows and loves my soul.
Thank You for the world beyond our vision, which You called us into.
I desire and honour You.

Thank You that all goodness and greatness comes freely from You.
Praise You for You champion justice for the weak and broken.
Out of the Darkness of depression when all had abandoned me and I abandoned all, You refused to let go of me and brought me back to Your fold.

Your grace is not fair! You are an amazing God.
Thank You there is no more fear in heaven.
Deeper than the ocean is my love for Your endless love, thank You for Your hands that hold this broken world together.

Thank you for Your light.
I’m amazed how You created everything and everyone with such detail.
Constantly You bring my life back to Your path.
Your power immeasurable.
Thank You that in paradise there will be no more fear and sin.
Your love for us is unquenchable and unending.

Thank You Lord of all for creating everything.
Every power in creation is Yours.
I reached for You and You delivered me into Your presence.
Your patience and forgiveness of me is beyond my comprehension.
Thank You that You have prepared a place for me with You always.
How great is the joy we receive at Your hand, our Rock & Redeemer.

Thank You for saving me.
The world is held in balance by You; You sustain all things.
I had lost hope in Your ability to provide for me, You have lifted up my heart and filled it with value.
Your faithfulness remains whether I am in the heights of heaven or the depths of the sea.
Thank You that everything will be made new and I will see You face to face.
Lord, praise You for Your magnificence! You are outstandingly wonderful – I love to realise that I could never finish listing all the ways You are wonderful, Amen!

Thank You God that in You there is ALWAYS hope.
You are poetry for my soul, in my heart  – an ice cream cone.
You have healed my hurt and lonely soul with forgiveness.
Your very character is faithful and just.
Thank You that Your kingdom is holy.
God – You are the greatest ever, ever!

Lord thank You for the good times and the hard.
Merciful patient and kind!
We needed a home and You gave us one that not only met our needs, but everything we wanted.
Your eyes see beyond what everyone sees.
Thank You for Your Son who came to die for all our sins, so we can meet and celebrate in heaven.
You are beyond wisdom and true in Your word.

Thank You for Your grace and forgiveness.
We praise You for Your concern with our struggle.
You always bring me joy! You always remind me that You are always with me.
Your love is so wide and so high and so deep – I cannot begin to measure it.
Thank You that one day I will be in Your light with every part of me forever in Your love.
All the glory be to You for giving my life sense and hope – thank You for loving us first.

5 thoughts on “Gloriously Undead Psalms

  1. Sounds really good, even with all the reading of the dodgy writing :)

  2. They came out real nice!
    Great idea Steve, where did you get it?

  3. hey,

    My old church small group in Leeds did this every now and again, though its been about 15 years since i had done it. I think it worked out pretty well in the end


  4. Oh my! Just splendid, really, really lovely. Really sad to have missed that, so hope I get to write a line in another time. :)

    Mind if I copy this down?

    • Of course, feel free to copy down! We’ll do it again when you’re around :) michael

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