The King Who Is Speaking

We have spent a lot of our time together lately being challenged by God to spend timelistening to him and also to pray bigger bolder prayers. We have done some exercises on listening and while some of us connect well in some ways, not everyone is the same. There is a way for all to connect with God, just not all in the same way.

When we think about prayer and hearing from God we tent to focus on our abilities to get hold of what the spirit is saying and not so much on who is saying it.

We tend to leave ourselves out of what looks like the “confidently connected” group of people if we don’t feel like we hear from God in that audible way on a minute by minute basis.

We write ourselves off by not having that special creative gene that lets our brains go funny, secretly we can look down on those who are always hearing from God and seem a little flaky or too emotional…the weirded and bearded as I used to call them (and was probably one of)…those who are always on the edge of some new thing in the spirit, picking up the scent of hope on the breeze that drifts up from kings cross.

Now there is a danger in being so pre-occupied in looking for what is coming that we miss out on where we are, we give up the present for the sake of the future, and we need to be careful with this.

If this resonates with you then make sure you take some time to assess your relationship with God, be careful you don’t use listening to God as a way of not dealing with what is going on in your life right now.

On the flip side there is a danger that we see those who hear “too much” as a reason to not engage at all, that the proper place to hear from God is in the Word only, or theological debate and reason and while these things in themselves are good we can use them as shields to keep us from a deeper living connection with our creator.

Who, after all can speak through anything and anyone that He likes

On either side there is pride to repented of, that says I am ok as I am, I need not engagein my life, where are what we need is progression in a God connected healthy way.

Let us be honest that first thing in the morning or when your work is going wrong your first impression of God is that he is busy somewhere else and that you have to adopt a special language to gain his attention, the spiritual equivalent of jumping up and down waving your arms in the air.. that is if you want some proper authority in your prayers…

Today I want us to turn around and lift our eyes up, as at least half of the ability to listen is God ability to speak. So I wanted to have a refreshing look at this One who speaks to us. We forget the person behind the speaking, we think of being told off, or instructed in some way. But the person hood of God gets forgotten, it is there when you forget the wonder of the one your in relationship with that the friendship starts to fade. We need to take the time to connect afresh once again, and keep connecting.

There is a chorus which speaks of the wonder of God

You are beautiful beyond description,

Too marvellous for words,

Too wonderful for comprehension,

Like nothing ever seen or heard,

Who can grasp your infinite wisdom?

Who can fathom the depth of your love?

You are beautiful beyond description,

Majesty, enthroned above.

And I stand, I stand in awe of you,

I stand, I stand in awe of you,

Holy God to whom all praise is due,

I stand in awe of you.

I know in my life I miss most of what this song talks about

We get fogged in and forget the wonder of the one who is speaking.

We’re going to listen to an mp3 of a preacher who led a baptist church in San Diego California called Dr S.M Lockridge. Today I felt God wanted to remind us of who is on the other side of conversation.

So we are going to try an exercise in reminding ourselves and telling God how amazing he is, to bring it back home that in this walk with God is the wondrousness of God.

Take a piece of paper and write your first line at the top, then fold it backwards just underneath that writing and pass it on to the next person. They then write their line and do the same, so no one sees what has been written before. At the end we unfold the whole paper and read it out.

Write as your first line one of the following

  • thanks
  • praise (something amazing about God)
  • some need or want which God then answered (an experience and answered prayer)
  • reflection on the character of God (your love is like, your grace to me is like)
  • Another line of thanks
  • Another line of praise

Now we are going to take a few minutes to hear what we have written, read out.

If your reading this online then post your psalms as a comment.